All the faculty members take the professional roles and responsibilities which school environment demands. The teachers of Paavai Vidhyashram are deeply committed to the physical, emotional, academic and spiritual welfare of the students. Each individual child is attended to with diligence.

The teachers have specific responsibilities and involvement in the boarding houses, and they assist the learners in their extracurricular activities and sports. The teachers and students quite literally play together and stay together.

The role of teachers as spiritual guides adds to the wonderfully uplifting atmosphere of Paavai Vidhyashram. Paavai Vidhyashram strongly believes that developing the right vision and values is as important for the teachers as it is for the students. The teachers can always approach the management with any issues or concerns or even simply for guidance or advice.

Paavai Vidhyashram provides excellent facilities and happy homely environment from which all benefit. There is a warm and close bond between students and the faculty, which is the result of deep mutual respect that they share with each other.