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Welcome to Paavai Group of Schools

Paavai Matriculation Higher Secondary School is a Syllabus based International School for 6th to 12th Grade.

"Change alone is changeless" - Bhagavath Gita

Our school focuses on individual learning abilities. The pedagogy is built on proven methods and addresses holistic development of children. Classroom learning brings with it state-of-the-art learning equipment and digital technology aids. Students at Paavai Matriculation Higher Secondary School are also entrusted with research oriented and practical study, as well.

  • To impart knowledge to fertile, young minds, using ancient,
    traditional methods and blend them with cutting edge methodology,
    and thereby help create a promising future.

  • To bring the best of talents to teach, facilitate and guide young minds.
  • To provide all amenities for value added education.
  • To facilitate all-round development by providing both avenues and infrastructure.
  • To educate and instill in students, values of integrity, loyalty and honesty.
  • To create a home-away-from-home environment
    and ensure adequate emotional and social care that is provided to all students.