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About Us

About Us


Every era in the history of the world faces a change; change is very essential and inevitable; without change there is no progress; change is the indication of growth and development. Paavai Vidhyashram is ever prepared to accept the change and work towards the changing climates.

In the fast changing and complex world, one needs to be jet propelled to keep pace with the rest. Preparing our children to be successful in the ever-changing environment demands efficient and effective education systems. Only an institution with exceptional dynamism and quest for making learning an enduring journey of research and discovery, will sustain and stand the test of time.

Education in the broadest sense is any act or experience that has a formative and summative effect on the character and physical ability of every child. Moulding the tender minds into leaders, visionaries and national assets is a passionate art that will be practised with unwavering and un-sagging dedication and determination at Paavai Vidhyashram. Besides providing scholastic and co-scholastic aspects for the children’s social, emotional, physical and intellectual growth and development, we also offer guidance in analytical thinking and purposeful research through systemic and systematic approach.

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To impart knowledge to fertile, young minds, using ancient, traditional methods and blend them with cutting-edge methodology, and thereby help create a promising future.


  • To bring the best of talents to teach, facilitate and guide young minds.
  • To provide all amenities for value-added education.
  • To facilitate all-round development by providing both avenues and infrastructure.
  • To educate and instil in students, values of integrity, loyalty and honesty.
  • To create a home-away-from-home environment and ensure adequate emotional and social care.

Core Values

  • Honesty in word and deed.
  • Respect for elders, parents and teachers.
  • Pursuit of excellence in academia, cleanliness, attitudes of non-violence and patriotism.
  • Contribution to the growth of fellowmen.
  • Concern for society.


To build a great learning environment creating strong foundation in moral and ethical values in students by adopting excellent instructional methods and creative pedagogical skills.

Paavai Vidhyashram Global School is a CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) Syllabus based International School for Kindergarten to 12th Grade that focusses on holistic development of Children and working on turning everyone to be a Leader.

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