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Welcome To The Tiny Seeds

Every child born into this world is a seed sown, a seed that has travelled all around, where the winds and space took it and finally chanced upon planet earth. The seed is full of vigour, eager to be a tree in this world – being fruitful to Mother Earth.“ The Tiny Seed ” by Paavai is the Nursery and Primary Division that will be a story and the right foundation that a parent can gift that tiny little seed – their child. The school and what is taught is the beacon of smile that resonates from the child through the corridors of the campus. The Tiny Seed is an inception to be the difference in the child’s learning.The Kindergarten focusses on practical, hands-on activities and creative play. It lets the child explore the world around and experience it to the fullest and cherish its childhood. The learning is weaved with values and compassion, creating a unique imbibe in the child. 

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OUR Approch

What We Believe?

‘Wisdom, like a tree, grows from a tiny seed’

We believe every child in our school must be ready to face the world with immense confidence and soulful purpose, just like a TINY SEED is nurtured to be harvested. We accomplish this mission through a vibrant pedagogy that inculcates proper set of moral values bundled in the midst of a peaceful lush, green and serene environment.


Our school turns a seed into a beautiful bloom. To nurture this principle, we have tailored an ideal curriculum creating benchmarks in learning competencies, attitude building and being morally sound. We follow chrysalis –that offers a multi-sensory learning experience for young learners, stimulating their cognitive and psychomotor skills. Our curriculum aims at the acquisition of essential skills appropriate for the learner, namely, assimilating, identifying, comparing and categorising.

The Tiny Seeds lay the right foundation in children with

    • Well-structured and graded introduction of concepts.
    • Role-plays that help develop social skills to encourage cooperative learning.
    • Simple and innovative exercises to ensure experimental learning.
    • A wide range of activities like cartoon strips, picture reading, rhymes for joyful learning.
    • Developing the child’s all-round personality.


The most important period of life is the period from birth to the age of six. During this period, a child undergoes tremendous changes including Rapid Brain Development, Notable Physical Development and Immense Desire and Ability to Learn Concepts. Our Montessori Methodology identifies this important period and provides the child with the right elements to facilitate effective learning, including:

  • A structured environment
  • Activity based learning
  • Freedom to choose the learning materials
  • Acknowledgement of child’s works
  • Peer learning

Our Montessori Method also covers the following four areas:

  • Exercise of practical life: Makes the child self disciplined and independent
  • Sensorial: It refines the senses
  • Arithmetic: It awakens the mathematical mind of the child.
  • Language: Makes the child speak and write independently.

Water Play, Clay Moulding, Art and Craft, Music, Dance and Yoga help the students to explore new realms of cultural integration, social skills, recreational values and team spirit.

The Trips and Visits reinforce the ideas and concepts that the teachers instruct in the classes. They also instil curiosity and retention of information. The new insights, bonding and real-world experience bring in added enlightenment for the students.

We also celebrate special days and conduct awareness programmes to make the child adaptive to their environment.


“To see things in the seed, that is genius”  - Lao Tzu

Individuality is the cornerstone of one’s character. Students differ in their knowledge, skills, motivation and predisposition towards what they are about to be taught. Accommodating teaching to student differences and student needs is a great factor we work on. To foster individuality and child-centred instruction, we focus on FOUR C’s of 21st Century- Critical Thinking, Communication, Collaboration and Creativity.

These are achieved by our innovative programmes:

Lego: Lego features a simple, easy-to-understand programming language that kids will enjoy learning and experimenting with. It’s based around a core of experience any kid will understand instinctively- stacking blocks next to another and watching them snap into place.

Rhapsody: Music can help make a child more aware, express himself more clearly and help in making sense of the world. Rhapsody Music Education is an initiative to take music to children through an integrated approach to make the concepts in Maths and Science clear through the medium of songs in the most exciting manner.



Paavai Vidhyashram Global School is a CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) Syllabus based International School for Kindergarten to 12th Grade that focusses on holistic development of Children and working on turning everyone to be a Leader.

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